Examples of Acrostic Work

Primary Health Networks. A number of assignments were completed from 2009. Services ranged from organisation design, fiscal control, strategy development, commercial and go-to-market (GTM) strategies for heath software tools (clinical assessment and decision support), to financial general management, transition of business upon sale, project management and recruitment services.

Medical Services. Operations review of the organisation to identify aspects of the business that needed to be improved.

Visionary Disability Services Organisation. In collaboration with others, completed strategic planning down to the practical initiatives, programmes of work and projects for the Hamilton, New Zealand based organisation.

Environmental Services. We provide independent quality review services for a crucial project to transfer the key IT systems from the one data centre in NZ to an Australian data centre.

Specialist Export Marketing and Distribution Business. In collaboration with two colleagues and the customer organisation I managed and completed an operations review of key ITC services and costs. Cost savings and service improvement approaches were identified.

Innovative Educator. This organisation collaborates globally to implement and operate programs of innovation and education amongst under-served communities. We provided business consulting strengthening financial governance, project management and assisting to deliver a community wireless network and business operations model.

Retail Centre Operators. We provided assistance with an options analysis for commercial approaches to supporting IT infrastructure.

Stabilizing Business. Management of assignment to indentify issues and problems andstabilize an organisation that had grown rapidly, refocusing it onto profitable lines of business and planning for improved profitability.

IT Outsourcing. Management of the transition from one major IT outsourcing supplier to another for a major local body – from pre transition meetings with the then incumbent supplier through to business as usual for the new supplier.

ERP Systems. Overseeing an assignment to determine options for solving organisation wide issues with ERP systems.